Intelligent warehouse configuration integration solution

Project Case -shuttle Racking System  Industry & Goods Category: Food

Storage: 294 pallets location 

Area: 163 square meters

Equipment: 2 shuttles, 2 spare batteries, 1 charging cabinet


Customer's Requirements:

The first quotation of this project was made in March 2017, 

and the customer chose gravity rack system solution. Due to the complex storage environment and the products, 

our solution was modified for 11 times. After 7 months, some problems still arose and the client wanted to

redesign the project from a gravity rack system to a shuttle racking system, we redesigned. The project has a

long-time span, which is a great test of the communication ability and psychological quality of the salesman,

and also puts forward a very high requirement for the design ability of the technical personnel.

But we finally succeeded in meeting the customer's warehousing requirements and provided the best possible design.


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