Intelligent Material Handling Solutions

Intelligent Warehousing Solution in the Chip Packaging Field

Project Background:

The electric-controlled mobile railless heavy-duty racking system is an intelligent

warehousing solution that has gained significant attention in the chip packaging field. 

Implemented in an 800-square-meter warehouse,the project consists of 510 storage positions

with a ground bearing capacity of 1 ton per square meter. 

The aisle widths between the racks are 3.4m and 3.3m, while the forklift access aisles measure

3.36m and 3.43m.The maximum forklift lifting height is 2.76m. To enhance operational efficiency,

the project is equipped with imported motors,side-table trucks, and middle-table trucks,

among other automated devices. 

Through the secondary control system and wireless remote control technology, single or multiple cabinet

linkage movement control is achieved, enhancing flexibility and convenience in operations.



The project's advantage lies in improving storage density and floor space utilization.

Compared to traditional racks, the electric-controlled mobile railless heavy-duty racking 

system offers higher storage capacity,

with an 80% ground utilization rate and approximately 70% space utilization rate. By fully utilizing 

the warehouse space and increasing storage capacity, the storage cost per square meter is reduced

Additionally, this system enables direct access,without being restricted by the first-in-first-out principle. 

Forklifts can easily enter the desired access aisles of the racks,facilitating fast storage and retrieval of items.

Moreover,the system is suitable for a variety of warehouse SKU varieties allowing random access and enhancing 

operational flexibility and efficiency.


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