Project Case-ASRS warehouse for Electronics Industry

ASRS warehouse for Electronics Industry

Industry & Goods Category: Electronics

Storage: 6 pallets wide x 139 pallets deep x 12 pallets high = 10008 pallets location

Area: 89.3m×73m=6518.9 square meters

Shelf size: W89300×D7240×H5000(mm)


Meet customer needs

Due to production increase, the company's warehouses were congested,so it needed to build new warehouses

to expand its storage space and automate access.

After technical department analysis, the enterprise finally selected the automated storage and retrieval system, 

the asrs warehouse

increased the original warehouse space utilization rate of 30%, improve the speed of delivery, 

and reach the automatic access requirements.


Services we provide

It took 2 years from the planning to the implementation of the asrs system. 

During this period, we continued to improve the scheme, visit the site, revise the drawings, 

until meeting customer’s satisfaction, and we always maintain a high level of service.

When the final project was completed and approved, the customer was very satisfied with our scheme,

Products quality, and frankly impressed by our service. Customer recognition encourage us to provide 

the highest quality service and products of the highest quality.

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